Busy Busy

Well, I knew this would be hard to keep up with after I had Ayden but I am really trying.  Things are getting better!  Ayden and I have had some real struggles with our nursing relationship, and sadly had to give it up this last week.  I had my milk tested because she was screaming constantly and wasn’t content after nursing for over an hour at a time… Well, I am not providing her with the fat that she needed to be satisfied, so we were forced to go on formula.  I went through this with Jordan as well.  Oh well, at least I know I won’t have to do it again!

Now that she is getting the nutrition that she needs she is a much happier baby, and brother and mommy are happier as well.  Jordan is adjusting well to having a sister, but man, he has hit the terrible two’s!  Screaming, fits, stomping on the floor and telling me NO are a common place in our day now.  It is interesting to see how different he is when we are out with other people compared to him at home…. He isn’t the little angel everyone thinks he is…

Hansen made it back to Iraq safely, but has been SUPER busy since he got back.  We haven’t been able to talk much and that is making this hard, but we are over half way finished with the deployment!  I do know that we are coming out stronger as a couple, and as individuals.  Who knew that a war could make two people more in love and better individuals… That is about all that has gone on in my life the past two months.  I am starting the journey of potty training with Jordan here in the next few weeks.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!