The journey of Potty Training…

Yes, I have entered the zone of no more diapers!  Except at night for Jordan.  He is doing really well with the potty training.  The first week was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!  More laundry then I want to think about and more floor cleaning then any one mom should have to do.  I ditched the pull-up idea and went straight to underwear.  Pull-ups were to much like diapers and had no affect on him.  Now we are to the point of him telling me when he has to go before he goes.  If we make it to the bathroom… that is another story.

My little boy is growing up really fast.  I know that I am pushing this new stage but he is taking to it really well.  I am not worrying about night time just yet.  Just happy that we are experiencing success with daytime/nap time.  The other day while sitting on the potty, he looked at me, pointed to himself and said, “Big boy now.”  He is understanding that he is growing up and that is really cool to see.

My little princess is also growing and changing by the day.  She loves her brother a lot.  Smiles whenever he is talking and tries to see him if he is out of her sight.  She made her daddy’s day this week when she heard him on skype and looked around for his voice.  So nice to see that she knows who he is by sound.  Hoping that the transition of him coming home will go smoothly for his sake.

We do have a come home date but are not able to share yet.  Just know that the end is in sight!  Well, both kids are finally asleep and I need to head that way myself.