One of those days

It has been one of those days that just starts off on the wrong side of the bed.  The kind where you know things are gonna go wrong no matter what you do to try and avoid it.  Jordan got scared awake this morning to thunder so that threw him into a bad mood that just never ended.  Ayden woke up with a stuffed nose because of teething.  That’s right, my 3 month old is getting her first tooth.  I just felt off today.  Not really sure why, I just didn’t feel good.

Coffee didn’t even help me today.  I am sitting here writing at 10:30 pm, Jordan is still throwing a fit in his room refusing to go to sleep.  I have a load of laundry to fold and a TON of dirty dishes staring at me.  I know that all these things will be here tomorrow its just the thought of waking up to this disaster.

We did get a nice walk in!  Even in all the craziness that I call my life little glimmers of sun do shine.  Even on the bad days.  We got to skype with Hansen today.  Starting to get things set up for him to come home!  Jordan didn’t have any accidents today with potty training.  He wore his big boy underwear today on our walk!  We also made a dash to Target and he was just fine!  I am trying really hard to remind myself, that he will only be 2 once!  It is days/nights like this, that, that is the only thing that keeps me from screaming… well, that and a sleeping 3 month old…