What is a Super Mom?

As I sit here getting ready to write this I am staring at the fact that I failed miserably today when it comes to being a super mom.  There is a load of laundry still in the washer and dryer, a mountainous pile of clean clothes needing to be folded on the floor of my bedroom, neither bathroom got cleaned today, and the floors need swept and mopped.  Or there is the other way I can look at this, I made a cake with Jordan for St. Patricks Day, washed the dishes, planned tomorrows lunch and supper, made a cardboard tunnel with my kids, decided on a theme for Aydens 1st birthday, went to the chiropractor and took a shower.

A couple days ago a friend wrote a blog post about being a super mom.  It got me thinking about all the different ways that we can classify ‘super’.  The following in NO WAY is meant to make fun of anyone or thing, it is to help you laugh and realize that being ‘super’ or not doesn’t make you a bad mom.  It just means that everyone sees it differently.  So here it goes…

10 ways to know if you are or sometimes are a ‘Super Mom’…
  1. You can clean your house COMPLETELY in 15 minutes or less.
  2. You can go to the grocery store and Costco, in under 2 hrs with 2 little kids and be able to function afterwards
  3. You can be doing laundry, dishes, fixing lunch, holding a child and playing with another while talking on the phone.
  4. Your house is clean
  5. You can turn any situation into a learning situation
  6. Your version of ‘vacation’ is going to the grocery store alone
  7. Your husband comes home to a messy house, messy but happy kids, dirty dishes and you still in your pj’s and just smiles.
  8. Work out?  What is this strange phrase you speak of?
  9. You can clean your house, fix 3 meals, do x number loads of laundry, pay bills, play with your kids, go grocery shopping and talk to friends on 4 hrs or less of sleep
  10. You do it everyday.  It called being a mom.  Just being a mom gives you powers that no super hero could ever handle.
That last one is all that really matters.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you that being a mom isn’t important or exhausting.  There isn’t any other job that is 24/7 all the time.  Every single mom, in my opinion, is a super mom not matter what you accomplish that day.

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