Super Hero’s

Everyone in life deserves to have a Super Hero!  Super Hero’s come in every size, shape and uniform.  It might be a cartoon character, an actual person you know, a bible character or an actor from a movie.  No matter how your Super Hero looks, you have found something in them that makes you look up to them and admire them.

I have really struggled with what people say about how careful I am with what my kids see on TV.  They don’t know who Super Man is, or Spider man, my son can’t tell you who Lightning McQueen is or Batman.  My daughter doesn’t know Wonder woman  or any number of female actors from TV.  My kids Super Hero is their dad.  Their dad who goes out of his way to provide for them and make sure they have food to eat, make them feel loved and even finds time to play with them at the end of his long school days.  I asked my son the other day why he loved his dad so much and he said, “because mommy, he is a fireman and helps people.”  If I remember right that is what Super hero’s do!  They help people!  It doesn’t matter to my son what uniform his dad wears, or how much money he makes, he loves him and looks up to him because ‘he helps people’.  If you ask him what he wants to be for Halloween or when he grows up, he doesn’t hesitate, he says ‘I wanna be a firefighter.  Just like daddy’.


My kids don’t need TV to find a Super Hero, they live with one.  When I see them playing together, and they both take off to go help someone I can’t help but smile and realize, I am doing what is right for my kids. My kids don’t realize that yes, their dad really is a Super Hero in many aspects of his life.  He is a soldier, fire fighter, Paramedic, amazing dad, amazing husband, and friend. There are some really good Super Hero’s on TV but my kids will learn about them soon enough.

I have had several Super Hero’s in my life but the one I have realized most recently that meant the most to me was my grandma.  My grandma who’s goal in life was to share Jesus with everyone she met.  She wanted to let others know who Jesus was even if they only talked in the check out line in the grocery store.  I lost my grandma about a month ago, and every Friday night I struggle with missing her.  Friday night and Sabbath were her favorite days of the week.  She lived for those times.  She always fixed special food and made us all want to worship.  Even in the last weeks of her life when she was in so much pain she would remind me to pray and talk to Jesus.  “He knows everything that is on your heart.  He knows what you need, you just have to give him a chance.”  I have to admit, most of the time I would roll my eye’s and just agree so that I could change the subject.  She is my hero in so many area’s of my life but mostly because even in her greatest pain she shared Jesus with anyone she talked to.  I want to be able to do that.  To be able to share what God has done in my life even when I am in pain and can’t see how things are going to get better.  I want to live so that people who meet me wonder why I ‘shine’ the way that I do.

My grandma, husband and kids are the Super Hero’s in my life at the moment.  Not for the same reasons, but each of them for different area’s of my life.  No one Super Hero is the same.

Super Hero’s, so many kinds.  So many ways to be a Super Hero.


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  1. This is such a wonderfully written post. I love that your husband is the hero in your family and your kids look up to him. It’s so wonderful to have an amazing dad for your kids to adore. I also love how your Grandma shared Jesus so easily and freely. 🙂


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