Lately I have been thinking about family and all the meanings that come with the title.  I myself have several different families and all of them are a big part of my life.  Many times people say that their is nothing stronger then blood.  I don’t think so.  I am very close to my blood family but am equally, sometimes even closer to my other families.  Each family covers a different need in my life.

Biological Family:  My parents, sister and grand parents are huge players in my life.  I am close to them and talk to them.  They know me better then most and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Growing up there were points in my life where I went to school with my family.  My mom worked in the office, my dad taught there an my sister and I were students.  Grandparents were always around as well.  Not always in the same state but we always spent time with them every year.

My family:  As I am writing this I am a mom of 2 and married to an amazing man.  My husband looks out for me and my kids.  He is one of the hardest most dedicated workers I have had the privilege of knowing.  Having to kids, well, no one will every understand until they have 2, or more.  Kids bring something into your life that you didn’t know you were missing but can’t imagine living without it.  Laughter and smiles are a normal part of my days mixed in with tears, screaming and more frustration then I knew was ever possible.  I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything!

My Army Family:  This family, in all honesty I am not that close to, but I am a part of it.  I know that this family covers a lot of ground with many different levels.  I know that if I ever need anything all I have to do is ask.  This is the family that kept me sane during deployment and gave me friends that I will have to talk to about things only other Army wives, moms, girlfriends and fiance’s will ever understand.  Some went through deployment with me, some are going through one now, many have gone through them before me and many will go through one in the future.  The thing that holds us together is the fact that someone we know and love is fighting to keep our country safe.

My fire family:  This is the family that will understand why I am at church alone, why I leave a full cart in the isle of Costco because the pager goes off.  They will understand why I am so lonely.  This is the family that understands why its not as easy as just asking for him not to go on the call.  A family that pulls together across the nation when a fire fighter falls in the line of duty.

The multi purpose family:  This is the group that covers friends, church, face book friends, work out groups, play groups etc.  My friends in this group are the ones that got me through deployment.  They are the ones that would take my kids so i could have a day off, they are the ones that brought me coffee when I couldn’t get out, or have the energy to make my own.  The friends that prayer for and with me.  Friends that honestly, I don’t think I would have made it through deployment without them.  These friends are the ones I look up too, am jealous of, laugh with, cry with and most importantly, pray with.  This is the group I don’t have a picture of each of them.  Some I haven’t met and others I see on a weekly basis.  At the moment, this is the family that plays the biggest role in my life.
Family’s come in so many forms.  These are the forms that my family’s are taking.  Family’s change and mold to fit whatever stage of life we are.  The people that make up these family’s are going to be the ones that get you through the good and the bad.