As a fire family we…

I wrote this post a couple years ago but think it deserves a face lift and a re-post.  I hope this can bring some smiles and laughs especially for those that have lived the scenes.

You know you are married, dating, engaged or mothered/fathered a fire fighter/EMT/Paramedic if….

02278-0181.  You can leave a full cart at Costco, grab 2 kids and get to the car and ready to go in under 5 minutes.
2.  You have had to change your alarm clock to the pager tones because nothing else will wake you up.
3.  When you talk to an EMS person on the seen of an accident and you ask if the patient is conscious NOT awake.
4.  Your son and daughter would rather play fire fighter or with fire trucks then cars or dolls.
5.  Your son can tell you that an emergency vehicle is behind you before you hear the siren
6.  Said child can tell you which vehicle the siren belongs too and is correct 90% of the time.
7.  You notice the house is to quiet when the radio is gone and wish you could listen to what is happening
8.  Your son says, “Can we go home now?  The rest of the parade is boring.” after all the fire departments are past.
9.  Your house comes to a complete stand still and completely quiet when the pager sounds.
10.  You have friends on the opposite coast that you have never met that understand you better then some that live in your town.
11.  When talking to your friends you have to explain what you mean because you know the technical terms and can use them in a conversation correctly.
12.  You know what its like to wake up in the middle of the night and find your husband standing in your child’s room just watching them sleep, and you know without asking what happened on the last call.
13.  You NEVER go to sleep mad and you ALWAYS end every conversation with ‘I love You’ because you know it could be the last time
14.  You question if its your vehicle when you open the trunk and there isn’t any turn out gear in it.
15. You have sat in the traffic jam at an accident and watched your husband do his job.

16.  Your kids know the difference between the station and HQ.
17.  You understand this song
18.  You have spent more holidays at the station then in your own home.
19.  You pay close attention to everything he says and does when he is home because it happens so rarely.
20.  All your female friends wish ‘they had a fire fighter of their own’…


9 thoughts on “As a fire family we…

  1. This blog post got me thinking about the emotional responsibility of our EMS workers. They are usually the first responders to an accident. God bless your husband for his dedication to his job and also to his family! 🙂


    • It is definitely a hard job on many levels. But they love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  2. Awesome post! Some reminders in there for me, even though I am not married to an emergency person, that time with our families is so important. We don’t often think about that.


  3. Great post and very timely. There’s been a story all over the news about a firefighter crew who went shopping at Costco and got called to a fire before paying their bill. When they returned to Costco, a Good Samaritan had paid the tab! The story reminded me of your #1.


  4. Husbands saving lives are pretty special men (and women saving lives!). I can relate to several of these, especially the pager ones, as a physician family. That pager going off in the middle of the night always gives me anxiety!


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