Be still!

Sometimes as adults we forget what it is like to stop, and literally not make a sound.  So many things are thrown at us everyday at work, home, the noise in the car, the noise in the gym from the equipment and other people.  Noise, in general has a way of making your head hum, and, you don’t realize till you stop and be still, just how nice it is to not have any noise.

As a mom, I honestly don’t know what it is like to have quiet.  Between my kids, the phone, washing machine, dish washer, my kids, vacuum, door bells and my kids, quiet is very much treasured.  This week has been extremely stressful for me in my husband came home and said, “I am thinking of re-enlisting.”  Lets just say that was NOT the phrase my brain needed to be quiet.  That simple sentence has sent my brain into overdrive and it has not shut down until tonight when I sat down and made it be quiet.

It all started last night after my kids went to bed.  I was exhausted and drained from this week.  My house was picked up enough that I decided it could pass for the night and I would just do whatever I wanted.  Most times that means I turn on a TV show I want to watch, that doesn’t contain any cartoon voices and just zone out or I read and listen to music or more times then not I sleep.  Last night was different.  I wanted to just be silent.  I decided I would take a hot bath, listen to some piano music and just make my brain stop working on the the to-do list, grocery list, plans for sabbath school or any of the other million things going through it.  Sinking into the hot water I felt my self relaxing.  It was as if my brain was saying, “its about time you let us have time off”.  The music played softly in the back ground and I did absolutely nothing.  Didn’t check face book, text anyone or mess around on pinterest.  It was amazing!

Tonight I am doing some of the same.  The TV is off and my kids are in bed.  I have soft christian music playing and I am writing.  I am not worrying about Sabbath school tomorrow, how the bills will be paid, what I didn’t accomplish from the day or the fact that my husband and I haven’t had more then 30 minutes together this week.  I am being still! I am choosing to let myself relax.  Many times, as a mom, I don’t think I can take a break because there is always something that needs to be done.

Jesus has instructed us to be still.  So, I encourage you to take that and go with it.  It doesn’t have to be completely quiet, but quiet enough that you are able to shut off and just be.