A new year

At the beginning of every new year most people jump on the resolution train and make all these promises about how this new year  will go.  I have been among those people.  Every year I would make resolutions and 2 weeks into the new year I would be back to doing what I had been the previous year.  This year is different!

This year I resolved to declutter my life.  Clutter has made its way into my life in many areas.  My house is the worst but I have let a lot of clutter enter my life and mind, so, I would say the first and most important resolution that I made on the 1st is to clean up my life.  I feel that getting the toxicity out of my life will help me in achieving my other resolution.

My 2nd resolution is one that most people make.  Everyone that I know has the resolution to lose weight and get healthy.  This year I actually put a number on mine.  I am 257 at the moment.  I can’t wear my wedding or engagement ring anymore.  I have NEVER been this heavy in my life.  Most people, I am guessing, think that I have been heavy all my life.  I have never been ‘skinny’ by any means but up until 2005 I had always been a healthy weight.  I was extremely active, always involved in some kind of sports and loved exercising.  I despise how I look and feel.  I have never been this heavy in my life, I hate it!  I refuse to be like this anymore.  I have made myself a couple goals for my weight loss this year.  I am hoping that in cutting it into little goals I won’t get discouraged by the enormity of losing weight.

Reminding myself that I can do this and it is possible is the most important.  I am going to do my best to post pictures of myself every month to show my progress, or lack there of.  Hoping that this will keep me accountable and keep me exercising even on the days that I don’t feel like it.