So many choices

As we get farther into this new year, I have done my best to really pay attention to my day and what happens in it.  Being present in my activities has helped me see many things that I had lost sight of.  Being present with my kids and my husband has also helped me see the millions of choices that are in my life.  Making a conscious effort to notice the little things has made me realize just how blessed I really am.

The choice to be present isn’t the only choice I have been making.  I have drastically changed how I eat.  Being on the journey to finally lose the weight and get back to where I know I can be and be healthy is a constant struggle of choices with food.  I love my husband to death but he hasn’t exactly been making the eating healthy part of my month easy… Oh well, I am learning that I can make the correct decisions and be healthier.  It is as simple as choosing to eat 1 piece of pizza instead of 4 or a bowl of veggies instead of a bag of chips.  I can do this.  I will do this because I am making the choice to do it.

Choices, there are so many that are made everyday.  The simple ones of choosing to play peek-a-boo with my daughter in the mirror after fixing her hair instead of hurrying to clean the bathroom or of saying ‘mark get set go’ for the millionth time while my sun runs up and down the hallway squealing with delight.  The joy I get from a simple hug from my husband as he walks in the door from a long 3 days working on the ambulance.  The more difficult ones of how to handle a little boy that is over stimulated around the clock, whether to pay the bills or put gas in the van and food on the table.  Also, how to choose a doctor for my kids that won’t push my worries aside and label me as an ‘over protective mother who over reacts over everything’.  And yes, I have been labeled as that in the past.

I will never be able to list all the choices that I make in a day, so I will end with this one.  The choice to be happy.  Being happy is how I am known.  I always have a smile on my face and find the good in any situation.  In all actuality it is really difficult for me to have this smile most days, but I find making the choice to wear a smile helps me see the good in life.  I see the sliver of sunshine in the dark sky, or get excited about a rainbow.  I also get excited about the first snow and Christmas.  Seeing the good in bad things drives many of my friends crazy, even my husband will roll his eye’s at my excitement, but my guess is, if you ask them they will like the fact that I am this way.

Its all about choices.  You make them everyday.  Its about the ones you make.  If its the simple ones or the difficult ones they are what make your life what it is.