Its the little things

As I write this I am sitting on the floor of my kids bedroom because if I leave the room my daughter will scream.  I am not sure why she is screaming and neither is she, because at 21 months she can’t understand very many feelings at the moment, but she screams non the less.  I have 2 huge mountains of laundry that need folded, dishes that need done, a sewing machine that needs calibrated and I would like to spend a little time for myself but all of that is on hold because my daughter needs me.  Its the little things.  Sitting here I started thinking about all the little things in my days that make a difference.  Many I don’t consider to be a big deal but in the minds of my children or husband they are big.

When my husband came back from Iraq we had to radically redo our budget because he went from being paid REALLY WELL to us living on student loans, unemployment and the little that he makes from the ambulance service he works for.  It meant that we had to cut many luxuries out of our lives.  One of those luxuries was store bought bread.  I make our bread now.  And in actuality my kids will polish off a loaf of my bread in one meal when a loaf of store bought bread would go bad before we ate it all. Its the little things.

One of my sons favorite activities is to play with play-dough.  Many times I brush him off because it requires that I am in the room with him while he plays and it leaves a big mess and then the times that I let him, he gets this big grin on his face, says ‘thank you mommy’ hugs me and plays for at minimum of an hour completely content.  I can get a lot accomplished in an hour of that happy play.  On top of that, he always makes sure that he makes me something.  Its the little things.

Tonight I am sitting on the floor of my kids room because my daughter needs me.  The reason isn’t rational, it is inconvenient for me but it is making her feel safe.  She didn’t want her dad, she didn’t want her brother she wanted me, her mommy.  I am the only mommy that she knows.  I am what is making her feel safe tonight.  Its the little things.

I do many things during my days as a stay at home mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, teacher, maid and the list goes on.  I don’t think about what I do, I just do it, but many times it is special to someone.  The text in the middle of the day to my husband telling him how proud I am of him, the hug and snuggle time during sisters nap time that I give to my son, the clean, folded and put away clothes for my family, homemade meals, and the picked up house.  I can look at that list of things and become tired (which is what normally happens) or I can look at it and realize that each of those things is a special little thing that makes someone in my family happy.

It is easy to get caught up in the to do lists, laundry, stress and worry of life.  It is easy that something as simple as a few minutes can change somebodies day for the better.  It is easy to forget that a smile can make someones day better.  It is easy to forget, that its not always grand gestures that make the biggest difference, but the little things that can change someones day.