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128The fun part about being a mom to a pirate and a princess is that I never know what my children will be that day. I love the imaginations that kids have. My daughter is the master at combining characters. Many times she just wants to be a princess but then she sees her brother being a pirate or a firefighter and suddenly she doesn’t just want to be a princess but a princess firefighter. This always brings on the giggles as Mr. Pirate knows all about fighting fires because of his hero, also known as daddy in this house, is a firefighter/paramedic. He is quick to point out that fighting fire in princes high heals might pose a problem.

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This will be short because I am just learning about this blog world but I wanted to get some thoughts out of my head.  Why is it so important that we keep our little girls princesses and our little boys pirates?  When did it become wrong for them to be everything they want to be? Why is it looked down upon when a little boy likes the color pink and wants to be a ballerina? Why can’t we just let kids, boys or girls, pretend to be whatever they want?  Let them be kids and pretend to be whatever for as long as possible.  I know that as an adult, many days I wish that I could quit being an adult and play dress up with my pirate and princess fire fighter.131



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  1. I definitely do not think there is the same stigma to it in other places. My family in Mexico dresses very well but isn’t afraid to wear different colors! And all the men love to dance!! 🙂


  2. Your kids are super cute! 🙂 I have had the same thoughts at times regarding boys wearing blue and girls wearing pink. I wonder how far back in history these “rules” go? In Bible times, everyone wore robes and I think the priests had purple on their robes. Apparently, it is a societal expectation now. I wonder if the same “rules” apply Third World?


  3. Very Cute, Amy! I love the pictures of your kids and it’s so true. I hate gender bias but feel like I have to perpetuate it further by buying my son boy colored clothing and not pink just so he won’t grow up getting teased. I don’t mind if he has pink toys and I think it’s pretty stupid that a color controls our society so much. It’s really sad because it shouldn’t be something that’s important. I mean, we are naturally drawn to colors. I don’t think it has anything at all to do with our biological sex. Some colors are just more appealing to the eye and none of us has the same vision so it’s bound to be different for everyone. Just like a rainbow is a beautiful thing. Hope I didn’t babble too much now lol but these are my thoughts on what you said here. Wish life was fair, but it isn’t. So we just gotta make our kids confident in who they are instead 🙂


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