Motherhood: Not for the faint of heart

Moms come in many shapes and sizes.  Different styles, languages and personalities.  Everyone being different is what makes us unique.  If we all mothered the same way our kids would all be the same and frankly, what would we argue about if we were all the same?  Being unique is amazing.  Watching all the different types of moms in my life has made me realized just how blessed I am.  I look up to many and am thankful to have others walking this path with me.

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Today is not a good mom day for me.  I have been up since 7am.  It is 11 now and I was just able to start a load of laundry, I am still in my pjs, both kids are on electronic devices and I am eying the full pot of coffee, wondering if that will be the only way I can make it through this day.  Everyone mom, no matter what they say, has these kind of days.  Having these kind of days is normal, and if you tell me other wise that a fore mentioned coffee might get pored over your head.


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Today on facebook I asked my mommy friends to finish this sentence…

You know you’re a mom if/when…

I got a lot of different answers, most of them having to do with bodily functions…

  • 1.  Always put others first.  Leaving little time for make-up, fancy hair or nails.
  • 2.  Haven’t slept through the night in x amount of years.
  • 3.  Bodily functions are your new normal and talking/laughing about them at anytime doesn’t make you flinch.
  • 4.  You can never pee alone
  • 5.  Haven’t had a hair cut in 6 months(or longer).
  • 6.  You know where every bathroom is in every store at all times.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this list but it got me thinking.  Why, when we think about being moms, do we list all the things we can’t do?  Why are our first thoughts about the things we have to give up?  Then I came across this reason…

  • 7.Your daughter brings her doll to the dinner table and helps her fold her hands for prayer. 

Or this

  • 8.  When the child has driven you to tears with her blatant defiance, so you retreat to your bedroom, and she follows you, climbs into your lap, puts both little hands on your face, and kisses your wet cheeks. Then wraps her little arms around your neck.

Aren’t those the reasons we should focus on when asked about being a mom? I actually found myself frustrated with the answers of my fellow moms this morning.  I am not saying that my first thoughts of being a mom are ‘uplifting’ but I do try to think of things that I can/get to do now that I have kids.

  •   9.  The other night my husband was teasing me and I turned to him and told him that he was in the dog house.  My husband happened to be holding our 3 yr old and she seriously took his face in her hands and adamantly told him that he couldn’t be in the dog house because he wasn’t a dog.

That last one actually happened to me.  We laughed so hard and even now I can’t help but smile while I think about it.

So I guess this post about moms is to have you think.  Really think about what makes you a mom.  Is it really all of the things you can’t do or the bodily function stories? Or is it the funny lines, smiles, peanut butter kisses, flying hugs, snuggles and milestones that make up being a mom?

  • 10.  When the highlight of your day is your little ones running to hug you after work like they haven’t seen you in years

As a mom you will always have hard days, I know I do.  I guess, my challenge for myself is to focus on the funny times instead of the fact that my kids are on their umpteenth meltdown of the day and they have only been up for 4 hours.


11 thoughts on “Motherhood: Not for the faint of heart

  1. Positive Critiquing. Focusing on the positive things will always work out for the best. That said, I want to compliment you on the new look of your blog. I absolutely love this new layout and the colors. The new picture is also my favorite. your kiddos look so sweet<3 As far as your writing goes, I like that too. You are very creative and such a good mommy, whether you realize it or not and your kiddos will thank you for that later. Your photos are good, I usually get irritated with some photos because they are either blurry or bad angles and the rooms look dirty, etc. But I haven't noticed any of that here. In this post specifically, I like that you did a word wrap around your pictures. I'd forgotten that tactic since I wrote in the school newspaper, so I will be doing a couple of those soon, thanks! 😉 Before you spruced up your blog I would have said, that's what you needed to fix.. but you've covered that so really I have no complaints lol sorry if this isn't a helpful critique but for what it's worth, it's honest!

    Anyway, to answer the question: You know you're a mom if/when…
    1) you get to cuddle all day and all night long
    2) you always have a (couple) bathroom buddies, you're never lonely!! 🙂
    3) you can give and get kisses to your H3ARTS desire 😉
    4) you get UNCONDITIONAL love, even after you have to scold them!
    5) you've learned or at least get better at multi-tasking

    and last but not least…

    6) you welcome them with open arms when they fall down and want to kiss their owies.

    Mommy's make the world go round.

    Happy Mother's Day, Amy!


  2. I try to focus on the positive side of things, though I will admit that I don’t always succeed. Motherhood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it is definitely rewarding. 🙂


  3. I was 17 when my sisters second child was born. She was changing his diaper one day when he started to poop. Instead of letting it fall on her couch she caught in her hand. I thought it was disgusting at the time. Now, being the mother of 3, I’ve been pooped on, peed on and thrown up on more times than I can count. It doesn’t even faze me anymore. Clean kid up, then myself and move on.


  4. Oh I understand! I always laugh at the bodily function reasons, because the Katie of 7 months ago would be so grossed out at what the Katie of today finds normal. But being a mom is just such a precious blessing. I had one of those rough days a few days ago, and I wish now, looking back, I ended my day thinking about the FUN memories, instead of the “I’m exhausted and didn’t get done what I wanted to get done” thoughts. Glad you shared this today!!


    • I hate to admit it but many of my days lately have been the ‘just make it through alive’ sort…


  5. I enjoyed reading this blog post! Yes, I think we need to concentrate on the blessings and laugh about the lack of proper hygiene or privacy that motherhood brings. I guess, I see it all wrapped up together in a kid wrapped gift. It looks a little sloppy on the outside, but it’s the sentiment that counts! Like everyone says, “They grow up too fast, enjoy them while you can!”


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