Worms, dirt and Mommyhood

This morning I started out trying to write about Mothers Day.  Writing about my Mothers Day and what made me a mommy or when I felt like I became a mommy.  I just couldn’t get it right.  I worked on it for several hours before I finally threw my hands up and decided that I should just come back to it later.  My mothers day was wonderful but I just wasn’t finding the words to describe it and how I felt about it.  So, I changed my scenery.046

I decided that I would start  load of the never ending laundry and join my kids outside.  There were weeds that needed pulled and a flower planted before it got to used to its container.  The sun is shinning! It is a tad cool but there is only blue sky with puffy white SMALL clouds.

As I was pulling crab grass I heard giggles coming from around the corner.  As I followed the sound I found the princess crouched down poking at something in the grass.  At first I was worried she had found something I didn’t want tracked into my house but then she lifted her hand and I realized that it was the first worm of the season.  She was grinning from ear to ear as she tried to hold onto his squirming body.

Pretty soon the fire fighter joined us.  He brought  shovel and a broken garden container to add to the entertainment.  They had so much fun transferring the worm from their hands, to the grass, to the shovel, to the container and any number of combination of those.  The squeals would get really loud while they held him and then it would get quiet as they laid him in the grass.  Accidentally they broke off his tail which made them screech in horror as the two parts of his body squirmed off into different directions.

047As I was watching my kids examine this worm I realized that this is what makes me a mom. I love watching my kids learn and question, and trust me my days are filled with questions, most of which I wish didn’t get asked.  Today, I like the questions.  Sadly I couldn’t answer the questions about the worm but it gave me  chance to show them that you can always find answers.  We headed inside to start up the computer so we can could search Google for the answer to their questions.  Of course, they thought it was so cool that I could type so ‘fast’ and the answer was just ‘right there’.  After much research they ran back outside to see how many sections they could tare the worm into before it died…

041With Mothers Day being yesterday I have been thinking about what makes me  mom and when I realized I was a mom.  I don’t know the answer to either of those.  What I do know is that, every day is full of ‘Mommy why?’ or ‘Mommy how does this…’ I am a mom.  It doesn’t matter when I felt like I became a mom or what make me a mom.  I am one.  There are many things that make up moms but mine, today, just happens to be worms and dirt.


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7 thoughts on “Worms, dirt and Mommyhood

  1. It’s great to see kids exploring and learning, but I couldn’t help thinking “Poor worm!” Hopefully now that they did that experiment they won’t do it again. Worms are great for the garden too.


  2. Isn’t is fun what inspires us as mamas! For you this day is was worms and dirt! I love it 🙂 May your adventures continue!


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