Are my kids normal?

Over the last few trips to the library, the ladies that help us check out have made comments about the books my kids have chosen.  The comments weren’t bad but they bothered me.  The typical comment has been…

Your mom must have picked these books out.  I bet you want ‘kids’ books….

Atrip to the library

The truth is, my kids don’t want to read ‘kids’ books.  They want books that are about actual real life things.  Don’t get me wrong, the love books about pirates, fairy’s, anything Dr Seuss but, they really love books about animals, vehicles, EMS(emergency medical service), planes any any number of other things.  I didn’t chose these books.  My job in this selection was to look up what they were interested in and help them find them on the shelves.

034 (2)  033 (2)

So my, my question is, are my kids normal?

The simple answer is they are normal for them.  And in all honesty they are the way they are because of how I am a parent.  I let them make decisions and the way I teach isn’t the typical way.  If I can find a way to combine several ‘subjects’ into one I do!  Yesterday we combined science, math and fine motor skills all into one activity. 012 (2)

We love using side walk chalk as often as we can!  Most of the time, we use them to help identify colors, draw shapes, and yesterday we found out what happens when you add water to the chalk.

023 (2)   024 (2)

I love watching my kids learn.  I love the fact that my kids want ‘real’ books about real things.  I love the fact that my kids don’t want to sit and learn.  I love that they want to touch and learn by trying.  I love that my kids aren’t normal!

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11 thoughts on “Are my kids normal?

  1. It sounds like your children’s interests are very diverse — which allows them to learn about many different topics and areas! It’s great that you are taking your kids to the library to check out books — especially since our world has turned so virtual. Kudos to you for teaching your children what a hard copy book is and for letting them select books that they want to read!


    • I am still one that likes a hard copy when I read. It just makes it more fun, I think.


  2. They sound like smart kids to me! Poo poo to the librarian. Doesn’t she know that normal kids like so many different things? Or else they wouldn’t have so many choices at the library. 🙂


  3. They sound perfectly normal to me! 🙂 I plan to teach Little Bee about anatomy by the time he is three 😉 and his Daddy plans to teach him all about math. I want my little boy to actually know where his stomach is in relation to his intestines. Is that normal? I don’t know! But I do know that he will be smart! 🙂 And it sounds like your kiddos are smarties and very curious about the world. Good job Mama!


  4. All kids are different. It bugs me when people make it out like all kids should be the same. As though they should all like the same things and do the same things. I think this world would be pretty boring if that was the case. 😉 So hooray for not being “normal”. 🙂


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