Slow down! Before you miss something.

wpid-20140601_100537.jpgSo many times in life it is hard to remember to slow down and enjoy the little moments. The moments where it is quiet filled with a child’s giggle, a discovery channel documentary about tornado’s playing in the background as puzzles are put together and just peace.  Quiet, no hurry for anything, just relaxing and enjoying our day with no engagements.

As an EMS(emergency medical service) family and a military family it is very rare that we don’t have something that needs done, or a shift that needs covered on the weekends.  My husband is also an instructor in both the civilian and military aspects of his jobs. So, when one of these days come by we grab on and just enjoy.  Enjoy our kids giggles, a good game of monopoly between uswpid-20140601_142611.jpg, listening to our kids talk about the ‘bug’ spots on their apples, just enjoy being a family.  Enjoying having an indoor picnic with hotdogs cooked on the grill!

Over the last few years I have learned to really enjoy these days.  Enjoy the days that all 4 of us are together.  Enjoy the fact that our kids are old enough to actually do things with us.

005Slowing down and smelling the lilacs that my kind neighbor shared with me.  Enjoying the small joys of the smashed flowers presented to me with smiles and love. Enjoying playing soccer with my kids and helping them realize that you just use your feet and laughing as one of us parents ends up sitting down hard when we miss the ball completely.


Slowing down to do numerous puzzles with them. Leaving the phone out of reach and the tv off.


Slowing down is not one of my strong points. When we actually get a day together, the 4 of us, I tend to make a list of places to go(we only have one vehicle so the kids and I spend most days at home) or a list of things that I need my husband to do.  Then I have days like today where I am so glad that I slowed down and took in the simple things. Yes, we did do some chores but not many. The dishes were left in the sink or we used paper plates. Not much time was spent in the kitchen cooking, just spending time as a family.

What do you do when you take the time to slow down?






6 thoughts on “Slow down! Before you miss something.

  1. These are the moments that really count and will be remembered! 🙂 When I take the time to slow down, I like to take a leisurely stroll to the park. I love sitting under a tree in the grass and watching Little Bee explore. Those are my favorite moments!


  2. It’s hard for me to ignore the To-Do list when we have moments all together. Thank you for the reminder! When the three of us are all together, we love heading out for a walk or hike! It’s such a sweet time.


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