A week of Strep Throat and Play doh

This week has been exhausting. Now, in all honesty I am exhausted most Fridays just being a mom. This week well, I had a sick princess, hubby having shift changes and a fire fighter, er, pirate that wanted to go out and do things in the gorgeous warm weather we had for most of the week. At this point I am running on coffee and sunshine. Starting to consider seriously researching how to split myself in half so there are 2 of me to get everything done during the day.024Having a sick princess really has stressed me out. At our previous drs they made me feel like an over protective, over reacting mom when I would call concerned because my child had a fever. Well, I waited so long this time that the princess has a BAD case of strep. She has been running a fever of 100*-103* for over a week. When I did finally take her to the dr, her throat was awful! I felt like the worst mommy in the world. I now understood why she wasn’t eating or drinking anything and only wanted to be held and watch Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, Bo on the Go, and many other children’s shows. I am seriously wondering if there are people who can talk in something other than a cartoon characters voice.folded handsMy poor fire fighter has been so good. A huge help around the house and very patient with meals being late and me not being able to play much with him. He has blossomed into a very big kid. Wanting to help me do chores and help me take care of his sister. His caring heart amazes me everyday and makes me very proud.008 (2)I have found some time to spend with the fire fighter. The trick was finding things that could be done next to where she was laying. So, we pulled out the play doh and had some fun! The princess got this cupcake play dough kit for her birthday and the fire fighter and I had fun using our imaginations and creativity to make some good looking cupcakes.027















The weather today isn’t helping with my plan for today. I was planning on dusting off the jogging stroller for the princess and letting the fire fighter ride his bike while we exchanged the stale air in our longs. Unfortunately starting last night, we have rolling thunderstorms coming threw.


Now that the princess has some antibiotics in her system I just have to wait for her to get better. Her fever is down today and she asks for food but it hurts to swallow. So, I guess I will spend my Friday, like I have spent most of my days this week multi tasking from the couch. Happy Weekend!smiles


7 thoughts on “A week of Strep Throat and Play doh

  1. So glad she is getting better and you are all on the mend! 🙂 You have such sweet children. It was wonderful that your son was so kind and willing to help during this time of sickness. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. Take care!


  2. Poor thing. Glad the antibiotics are helping a little bit. Your boy has been a real trooper, it sounds like! Hope you ALL get a chance to rest this weekend (especially you, momma! Moms cannot live on coffee alone…)


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