Trash Bag Storage

Ever since a friend introduced me to Pinterest a few years ago I spend way to much time on there. Looking for ideas on organization, kids activities, birthday cake ideas, fitness tips and many other areas of life. I have really enjoyed the organization ideas that I have found on there. So, that is the purpose of this post. I got the original idea for this trash bag hold here. I took her idea and made it my own with what I had on hand and my final result was this What you will need to make this handy, small trash bag holder is…058

  1. An empty cardboard box of any size you desire. I used an empty juice box because it was the perfect fit for what I wanted.
  2. Some scrap booking paper or any kind of paper with desired color/design
  3. Scotch tape or glue. I used tape because that is what I had
  4. Scissors
  5. Empty Walmart, Albertsons or target plastic shopping bags
  6. Thumb tack or other way to attach it to the wall. Or you can skip this part and leave it on a shelf.
  7. Some free time

I first gathered all of my materials.

052055   054




Then I taped the paper to the box making sure to leave the opening for the trash bags.


Once I finished covering the box with paper I put the trash bags in the box.058

Last I went into the bathroom, the room that needed a box of trash bags and found where I wanted to put it.

060I would love to know what you do with your plastic shopping bags. Please tell me your ideas in the comments!




11 thoughts on “Trash Bag Storage

  1. Great idea for the bags! 🙂 I have a wire “over-the-cupboard” hanger holder for my baggies. It works great in the kitchen, but I need something for upstairs when we have those dirty diapers that need a quick safe spot to land! LOL!


    • I finally invested in reusable ones so I don’t get as many but man, I think they multiply on their own…


    • I have one shoved under my kitchen sink as well. I put the bathroom one out so my kids could get to it easier because one of my 5 yr olds chores is taking out the trash.


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