Treasure every moment

As an Army wife, paramedics wife, and fire fighters wife I know just how important it is to ‘treasure every moment’. We are told this over and over. They even do an entire seminar on it when your husband deploys. All the books tell you this. What they don’t tell you, that you really don’t think about it till the chance that you can’t comes along. These chances don’t creep up. They happen in a flash, a page out to an accident and a news report. was the crash my husband got called to last night. I know that every time he goes out the door for a shift that there is a chance I won’t get to talk to him again. I really try not to think about this possibility most days. Even the most seasoned fire/ems wife will tell you that no matter how hard you try, a little bit of fear always slides up your throat as they walk out the door. We know they train, and train and train for any possibility of situations but we still fear that our nightmare will come true and they won’t come home.

It is days like today where I rethink what is important to me. Is it the clean house for sabbath? Or is it playing my little ponies with the princess.pinky pieMaybe it is watching a TV show as a family while my kids put puzzles together and pretend to sweep up the puzzles pieces with the hand broom.moments

Most days I remember what a blessing it is to watch my husband snuggle with my kids. I remember what a blessing it is to hear them laughing, learning, and experiencing life to its fullest. There is something about watching a 3 and 5 yr old experience life that makes you remember just how wonderfully our world is made.snuggles

Days like today really make my heart hurt. I tend to be the kind of person that hurts when others hurt even if I don’t know them. I cry because I can imagine the pain. I can imagine the pain of the first responders. I can read the pain in my husbands eye’s as he hold our kids tight after a rough shift, or a call like today. I watch as calls like this take the ‘fun’ out of my husbands career. Yes, the fact that he finds it fun can come across as morbid and unfeeling, but he loves his job. He finds it fun to help people. He finds it fun to be the one that can assure family members that their loved one will be ok. He finds it fun that kids look up to him and want to do his job when they grow up. And if he is completely honest he likes driving fast with the sirens and lights going. So yes, a call like this takes the fun out of his job.

No matter what your lives are full of. No matter what yours or your spouses career is. Take every opportunity to take advantage of every moment you have together. Treasure everything that your significant other says. Treasure every hug and sticky kiss for your kids. Hug those you love and tell them that you love them everyday!




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  1. I am a firefighter and speaking for myself. I understand how you feel. My wife doesn’t show it or say anything but I know she worries about me. Stay strong and yes kiss and hug them and your children. Just remember we are out there trying to make someone else’s life continue. We are a band of brothers and sisters- we cannot help it but it is in our DNA.


  2. This is a very thoughtful write up of how heart wrenching and emotional this day(s) was for you. I love the poem you included at the end. Thanks for helping us see inside the world of a fireman! God bless your husband and your whole family.


  3. My dad is retired military and police, I think their service and sacrifice needs 10x more acknowledgement. Thank you for your sacrifices as well, the peace of mind, the emotional turbulence, amongst others. Treasuring and being in the small moments is the best thing that you can do, and so wonderful for your children to have a mom who is emotionally available when you could easily be stressed and off distracting yourself with cleaning and busywork 🙂


  4. Made me cry. Thanks for sharing. I’m not a fireman’s wife, but I am one of those people who hurts when someone else does, even if I don’t know them….


    • It is hard some days… but the advantage to crying so easily is I also feel joy just as easily


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