A Hot Wheels Car Wash

The past couple days here have been sunny and muggy. Ok, when I say ‘muggy’ I mean for Montana. I am fully aware that we are no where near as muggy as the south. My kids have been spending hours playing with the hose and just enjoying being outside. The other day they really wanted to wash our car, but my husband had it at work with him. So, the fire fighter suggested that we wash some of his tractors and that led to us rounding up the hot wheels that turned into a big hot wheel car wash. This activity also made me realize, we might have a few too many hot wheels…

Now this is a very simple activity but it kept my kids entertained for quite some time. I am all for things they will do for more then 5 minutes that don’t require me to help!

What you will need is…hotwheels

  • Hot wheels, or any kind of vehicles that can get wet
  • Soap
  • Garden hose
  • Spray bottle
  • Wrags
  • Containers for holding water

After you gather all the things you need, just let the kids have fun.

togetherI found that this simple activity actually had some lessons in it. I found that for my kids it helped them work on sharing. I am the horrible mom that doesn’t give them 2 of everything… Therefore forcing them to share.026 (4)Using the spray bottle even helped with some fine motor skills. My kids tend to not like to slow down for the fine motor skills so finding activities that help them while making it fun is always a bonus for me.

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Even using a rag to get the dirt out of the wheels works on fine motor skills.


Hearing the giggles from my kids was an amazing experience. They have been bickering and fighting so much lately that I was starting to wonder if they could get along. Evidently all it takes are some soap bubbles, water and hot wheels.     014 (7)

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    • My kids washed their bike $, hosed off the side walks and would have washed my windows but they were open so I declined that help… It was so fun! Add in the house hold trash cans for him to ‘fill’ with water.


  1. This is a perfect activity for a hot summer day! I am so glad your kids were happy and gave Mom a break. 🙂


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