I’m a Tball Mom now…

Last night was the fire fighters first tball game. We have had a couple practices but it was the first GAME.

tballI am slowing learning that at this level of tball it is more about teaching the fundamentals then winning the game.


038 (2)

So they learn how to catch the ball.  That is a picture of the fire fighter playing first base! He actually did stop a grounder to first!







They learn how to hit the ball off of the ‘T’



Then comes the fun part of learning how to run the bases. I can honestly say, I think this is probably their favorite part046.







I think my favorite part of this experience fore the fire fighter is that he is learning how to work together as a team. He is learning that a team mate on 3rd can help catch a ball that is hit to 1st base. He is learning to listen to his coach and that not everyone is nice. He is learning how to communicate with his peers and how to stand up for himself. Needless to say, I am enjoying being a Tball Mom!

baseball card 2


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  1. I loved playing Tball as a kid with my younger brothers! Good memories! Great job being a Tball mom! 🙂


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