Ice Block Treasure Hunt

iceblocktreasurehuntTo be honest, I did not come up with this idea on my own. I found the idea here at Let’s Explore. I loved the idea but had to wait till my kids were a little older. Well, this week I tried my hand at this. I did figure some things out the hard way, but my kids loved this and beg for me to do it every day now. So, I guess no matter what the ‘fails’ were my kids loved this activity. So, here are the steps I did and the fails and successes.




First I gathered all the ‘treasures’ that I was going to freeze. Basically this meant that I dug through my kids toy boxes and found little toys. Like some Little People dolls for my daughter, a necklace, her Cinderella Barbie shoes, a hair brush for her doll, and a couple other toys. For my son I froze parts of his lego firetruck. Now, he had lost this truck earlier in the week due to disobedience so I thought it would be fun if he could actually see himself earn back the parts by getting them out of the ice.


Now for the parts that failed. I really wanted to put colored pieces of ice into a big block of ice. Well, I got the colored pieces of ice frozen! They froze just fine in many shapes and colors.015 (7)The problem I ran into was when I transferred them to the water of the big container they all melted before it froze so I had a big block of greenish black ice… My kids still loved breaking it apart and watching it melt. I think next time I will freeze the colors for at least 48 hrs and then add it to partially frozen water in a big container. Not sure if that will work but that is what I will try.002 (10)I used the partially as a science class for my kids. They are still young but I wanted them to learn the different ways that ice can melt. We ended up doing this on a warm day so the sun shine helped. I also gave them a shaker of salt, a bucket of warm water and syringes and the good old garden hose. I also equipped them with a couple hammers and we found some bigger rocks that they could use.

013 (9)   067







023 (6)The firefighter has been in a phase of wanting to break, hit and beat things so this activity came at the perfect time for him.065 The princess is just interested in everything. Trying new things and doing everything that her brother block

I found this activity to be tons of fun for my kids. It will be even better when it gets warmer here!

What is an activity you like to do with your kids on a hot day?


3 thoughts on “Ice Block Treasure Hunt

  1. I’ve seen this on Pinterest before. I’m glad you showed the “failed” version so that we know the mistakes to avoid. I wish more DIYers did that. Looks like it kept them busy for a while (and Lord knows I need more “busy work” for my little one too) Thanks.


    • It is the perfect busy work! And yes, the fail was a huge fail in my mind but my kids could have cared less.


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