4th of July Bin

As a military wife I look forward to 4th of July like most people look forward to Christmas.  4th of July can mean many things to many people. To me, it is a day to celebrate the fact that my husband has fought for our freedeom, eat really yummy food, blow things up, and celebrate the fact that we have freedom to do these things because of the brave men and women that have fought for us to have this freedom. This year I decided that I would put together a bin/box/shelf that would have things in it that had to do with the 4th of July. The cool thing is I got it all at the $1 store or used things I had at home. This is what I came up with.

4th of July Collage

For this bin I focused on mainly the colors. Lately my kids have been asking about the different flags that they see when they are out and about. The firefighter especially is interested in what it means. He knows that his dad has a flag on his uniform but he is just now learning that it is the same flag that is flown at the park we like to walk at and it is the same as the ‘really big’ Perkins flag. I decided to lean heavy on the colors of 4th of July.034 (3)I did find a small flag and I folded it up so that they could explore how the flag feels and practice folding it.

025 (4) 026 (5)






I have found that my kids are still struggling a little with fine motor skills. Mostly because they are so busy moving that they don’t want to sit down and work on them. So, I made this out of an old peanut butter container and some red, white and blue tooth picks.(Be careful with this. They are sharp)

039 (2) 040 (2)









Now, in my family growing up, no 4th of July event was complete without some music. These bells were actually part of a door decoration but I cut them off so that my kids could play them. BEWARE of the glitter…027 (5)By far the most played with part of this bin is the red slinky that I found at the $1 store.023   024

Now, for the pictures I included. I went for the simple ones of the flag, George Washington and the Bald Eagle. I just searched google images for them, printed them out and then laminated them.

014I also included a picture of the firefighter and princesses dad. Now, this is not a requirement but I want my children to know that their dad is in the Army and that it is something to be proud of! I also included a set of his dog tags.

041 (2)For help with learning the colors for the flag I printed off a flag and picked up some bingo markers.

043 (2)   052 (2)






The bingo marker flag is another, Failed/Success. I honestly wasn’t sure what kind of paper would work best so I tried regular computer paper first and it ran and made a mess. Then I tried it on card stalk and it worked much better!


Also be aware that it is really easy to make these markers run. If the kids press them to hard they will run and if your kids are like mine they will try and stop it with their hands and then without realizing it wipe it on their faces. The good thing is that these markers wash off skin really easily.

flagNo 4th of July bin is complete without some stars!

031 (2) 032 (3)






I hope that you enjoyed our 4th of July bin! Enjoy your 4th of July!




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  1. This post is so cute and you have done a fabulous job with these crafts with your kiddos! These are the memories that they will treasure forever! 🙂 I like how you are teaching your kids how to fold a flag and actually know how to fold one! 🙂


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