A Road trip, big booms and bubbles!

Our 4th of July weekend turned out to be pretty amazing! I wasn’t so sure at first but it all came together. We were able to surprise our kids with a trip up to Kalispell so they could spend the holiday with their friends and hubby and I got some quality time with our friends. The weekend started with a road trip!

Now, any road trip is tiring. Add in kids and the never ending ‘are we their yet?’s and any road trip turns extremely long really fast. The frustration all seemed to float away when I caught the first glimpse of my favorite Montana Valley.


Please excuse the smashed bugs and horrible windshield shot…

We got there kinda late. The kids were exhausted and so were the adults. We all bedded down quickly to the booms of the fireworks going off around us.

Sabbath(Saterday) we went to my happy place, Glacier National Park.  I have been in love with this place since the first time I visited about 7 years ago. There is so much grandeur and peacefulness, it is hard to not believe in a God and his awesomeness(is that a word?).

happy place 2    happy place









This place to me exudes peace. The smell of fresh air, the sound of the water as it crashes over the rocks, the sun filtering through the trees and the coolness. When I enter this sanctuary the stress of life seems to be swept away with the current of the water below.

The kids had fun with their friends playing in the FREEZING (30*F) water. Who knew that throwing rocks could be so entertaining?

249                                          248

We also hiked part of a trail and found some really big rocks and a fallen tree for the kids to climb on.

Daddy and DaughterVanessa and Ayden








272Because we were driving on the 4th we didn’t get to see any fireworks or set any off ourselves. Now, if anyone has spent much time around a firefighter/soldier you know how much the desire to blow things up… fireworks 2I also learned this weekend that most men become boys on the 4th. Not sure what that is about but it is fun to watch.

fireworksWhen Sunday morning rolled around the men, I mean dads, I mean boys… decided that they didn’t want to relax, they wanted to do something, so they decided to try their hands at making big bubbles. bigbubblefunThey fashioned their wands out of wire and string. Then they mixed blue dawn dish soap and water. Now, this solution did make some bubbles but it wasn’t working very well so they scrounged through the kids bubble things and found some miracle bubble solution, something like this. NathanThis solution made the best bubbles. We are not sure if it is because it was a thinner solution or if their were additives that we didn’t have, whatever it was we had fun making big bubbles and memories. 278










In all honesty, I think the dads had more fun with this activity then the kids did, but don’t quote me on thatMatthew

Matthew, Jason, NathanThat was our weekend. What fun things did you do over your holiday weekend?


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  1. This does look like an amazing fourth of July! Miss you! 😉 I love that you change up your banner of the picture of your kids every so often. It looks great!!!


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