Mixing up the Senses with some Play-doh and beads

For awhile now I have been interested in the Montessori aspects of teaching and learning. I have always been a hands on learner. In the past few years I have noticed that my kids tend to learn best if it is hands on as well. When I was trying to teach the fire fighter how to count I was using the ‘repeat after me’ way and it wasn’t working. I was getting frustrated and so was he. Then one day I decided to include him in the bread making process and have him count everything that we put in. Before I knew it he was counting everything and doing it correctly. So, this past month when I realized that both of my kids still really struggled with fine motor skills I decided to try my hand at a Montessori based idea. One of my goals with this was to spend as little money as possible. I accomplished that by using things I had at home already or things I found at the $1 store. So, here is my beginners try and a Montessori inspired Fine motor/sensory shelf…


Now, our family is on a TIGHT budget, as in the $1 store is my best friend when it comes to activities for my kids. Anyway, I found this really cool plastic jar with a lid that screwed on.

012 (9)Now the ‘tray’ I used was the box that our tomatoes came in from Costco. Again, going for what I already had or cheap.

007 (11)

Then I filled the jar with beads and a string set that I found at the $1 store.

PicMonkey Collage 1Then I added a jar of pipe cleaners that the beads could be put on as well as a container of play doh.

PicMonkey Collage 2I am aware that I have tye dye play doh pictured. This comes from my children playing with play doh and wanting to make cakes or cupcakes and mixing the play doh as talked about here in this post. Also, be aware that if they push beads into the play doh, which is a lot of fun, it will take a tooth pick to get the play doh out of the middle…

handzBoth of my kids had a lot of fun thready the beads onto the string!

handz 1Even a 3 yr old princess can get it after a couple of tries!

handz 2So what did you think? What ideas do you have for fine motor skills and some sensory play?


13 thoughts on “Mixing up the Senses with some Play-doh and beads

  1. Love this Amy! You are so creative and have put together a really fun Montessori post. 🙂 I love your tray… it works great! Way to go, Mama! You have also inspired me with Little Bee and our future counting activities. Love the idea of cooking and counting!


    • I am doing great! I am taking the month of July away from facebook. We are insanely busy and I just needed a break. I feel honored that you noticed I was gone.


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