The bed making challenge


Well, it has taken me the past 2 months to get going on this challenge but I think I have finally hit a place where we can start. Yes, I am aware that I am starting late with having my kids make their beds. The problem is/was, I don’t make my bed on a regular basis. I felt that it was a good idea to get that habit down for myself and set a good example for my kids before I required them to do it. So here it goes.

For the past few weeks I have been working on our chore chart. I will talk more about that in another post. Well, last night I got most of it done so this morning was the first morning that they saw it.

chore chart finishedMaking their bed is one of their chores. This one chore, I decided that they had seen me do it often enough that they had the idea, so, I won’t help them. This also lends its self to a few blog posts chronicling their journey of learning how to make their beds. I am NOT trying to shame my children, just sharing so other parents know they aren’t alone and maybe share a few giggles.

For the first day, the firefighter didn’t do to bad!


Now, the princess decided that her blankets and pillow looked better on the floor. Maybe she needs another demonstration?




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