Oats and Cornmeal Sensory Play


Yesterday in Montana it was an odd weather day. The kind of day where it can be pouring down rain one minute, windy and cold the next, then turn to rolling thunderstorms that leave behind a sticky, wet and steamy mess. So, we stayed inside today. Now, I have really been trying to cut down on the amount of TV my kids watch. During the winter months we watched quite a bit because well, I got tired of being creative… Today I decided that I would keep with our minimal TV trend and set up some sensory play.

This cost me absolutely nothing but 5 mins to gather all the materials together. I gathered 2 cookie sheets, some Popsicle sticks, a couple of cups and bowls from their play kitchen, and some measuring spoons. Made one tray for rolled oats(oatmeal to my kids) and one tray for cornmeal.

I would suggest that you have a broom and or vacuum readily available for when they are done because if your kids are like mine this stuff will get everywhere.

Now, I know that a lot of people think that ‘sensory play’ is getting excessive and that the effort that we put into coming up with sensory play is to extreme(all things I have heard personally). Well, I am here to tell you that ‘sensory play’ is a sanity saver for me on most days. My personal experience is that, sensory play, for any kid, helps calm them. It helps focus their minds on one task and accomplishing that task. OK, off my soap box…

The firefighter and princess had a blast mixing,

009 (3)Pouring,

011 (3)pushing their hands around and feeling the textures associated with the cornmeal and oats.

015 (2)   017 (2)

This was also a test of, how long can I keep my kids from tasting these textures…

aydenAs you can see, the princess, at 3, still likes to taste everything. She is not the only one. The firefighter also shoved a handful of oats in his mouth but ran away when I tried to get a picture.

Today, it was cornmeal and oats that saved my sanity and gave me a good hour to accomplish something other than breaking up sibling squabbles.

What do you do to save your sanity on odd weather days?


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  1. Cute! Cute! post 🙂 I was right there with the kids on this fun day… wanting to play too! 🙂 Keep up the good work Amy! I need to go grab a pan and oats for Little Bee… great idea! Pinned!


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