A lazy day in summer!

lazysummerdayLiving in MT we are very blessed with the amount of parks and lakes that we can visit. On top of that, in this part of MT the water stays quite cool and is very refreshing on the days that it actually creeps up to 90*. When we lived in Kalispell we were graced with only living 45 mins away from Glacier National Park. We would go at least once a week if not more often just because we could. Even now, the kids and I tend to spend most of our summer days at a lake.

bucketsIf I am honest, most of the time it is because spending the day at the lake means quite a bit of extra work for me, at first, but in the end it means that I can relax and watch my kids enjoy the water,sand and new friends.While they enjoy this I get to read a book, which can never happen at home.

On top of the free time that I get as a mom there are so many sensory aspects of playing at the lake. Sensory play for our house is very important and can take lots of time and energy for me to plan. On top of that I normally have to monitor their play because, well, they are siblings. Anyway, some of the best sensory play you can have involve water, sand and rocks. Where can you get all of those? At the lake!

throwingrocksThrowing rocks is a wonderful activity for kids. Make sure that safety is followed with this. It has been known to happen that a sibling gets pinged in the head with a wayward rock. I have noticed that when the firefighter can throw rocks it calms him. He is starting to really like looking for the heavy big rocks to see just how strong he is.

Now, for the this next part, I am aware of just how odd of a mom that I am. I allow my kids to run around barefoot. Mostly because keeping shoes on their feet is next to impossible. They have never liked the feeling of socks or shoes. Winter is a particularly trying time for me when it comes to shoes and socks. So, I allow my kids to play at the lake without their shoes on. This is not required and many times is not safe but there are some battles that I chose not to fight when I don’t have too.

flipflops  Feeling the sand and rocks beneath their feet seems to help my kids. For the princess she is able to tell me specific things that she feels. At times she can even tell me the specific size of rock she is stepping on and other aspects of it. For the firefighter anything that is intense sensory input helps him focus and be more calm.

009 (2)The unfortunate part of being an Army wife is that many of these Sundays at the lake are spent without my hubby. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the days he can come to the lake with us but, it is always more fun when he is there! When he isn’t able to come with us I always make sure to take a picture of the kids for him so that he knows we miss him.

Ever since the princess turned 3 she has been obsessed with sticking her tongue out. Not just for pictures but all of the time. So yesterday when I asked the kids to smile for daddy this is what I got… silly Princess!

heartI love days at the lake. I love the fun that my kids have. I love that when they are at the lake, sharing isn’t such a big deal!

sharingWhat is your favorite ‘lazy’ summer activity to do with your kids?