A look over my computer

At the beginning of the summer I started taking pictures of what I saw over the top of my computer while I was working on blog posts. It started because my kids would ask me to take pictures of what they were doing and just kind of kept going. I have found it fun to keep track of what my kids are doing while I write!



Now, taking pictures is something I do daily. I take pictures of my kids, the activities that we do, the clouds and the sunsets. Having the use of a smart phone and a digital camera really does change how you take pictures. I love having the ability to share right away or throw out the pictures that I just don’t like. So, here are the view over my computer.

The first day that I took a picture it was raining outside so I had to come up with what to do with my kids so I could write. My go to for that is normally play doh. Yes, I am aware of the mess that it makes but it has been known to keep my kids entertained for over an hour. Do you know how much I can get done in that amount of time?playdohOnce the weather became warm I bought my kids a pool. They would go to the lake everyday if I would say yes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like going to the lake but that is just exhausting. So, a pool was the next best thing. It is perfect as long as I can inflate the pool before it gets to hot. They love to play with the water and the hose as the pool fills up. Sometimes this is the only time in the day where they seem to get along.

wpid-20140730_111506.jpgThen come the photos from today. This past week I have been working on moving the princess and firefighter into one room. By combining them into sharing a room I was able to turn one of our bedrooms into a playroom/school room(a post about this process coming soon!) I am starting home school with the firefighter shortly and I really felt like we needed a room for school. Making it as a play room as well means that the rest of my house isn’t so overrun by toys.

legos            playroom

What are some things that you find fun to take pictures of?



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  1. I have grown children and they still bother me when I sit down to write. I guess they never outgrew bugging their mom. Haha. I love taking pictures too and would you believe I have a little digicam in my bag everyday? You’ll never know when something interesting catches your eye. 🙂

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