Our journey to home schooling

We are starting a new adventure in our house. The adventure of homeschooling. I honestly never thought that I would home school but after many hours of prayer, research and phone calls that were never returned by the school district I came to the decision to home school. The firefighter is only 5 so it won’t be really intense but he has a desire to learn, so I started to search for what I could do at home to encourage him and challenge him.


When you talk to home schooling families you will find many different steps, many different ways of teaching a million different theories of what is best and any kind of curriculum you could ever want. It is overwhelming when you first start researching it. I was overwhelmed. I decided that I was going to sit down one afternoon and pick the curriculum. I had no idea what I was getting into. That afternoon led to so many tears and lots of frustration. As I was complaining to a friend of mine she assured me that I am not alone in my feelings. She also reminded me that he is 5. Being 5 means that having him sit still for any amount of time was just going to make my job more difficult. Which is true, just didn’t consider it when I started planning. As I talked to my friend I realized that I had everything I needed. So, I set out to home school my kids.

The first step for me was to find a school area. I knew what my dream school room would look like. I had looked around the internet, seen the blog posts. I knew exactly what I wanted. The trick was figuring out how to do it with little to no money. That first step just happened to be putting the kids into one room. My kids have never shared a room. We have always managed to some how get an apartment that had 3 bedrooms. Combining their rooms wasn’t that hard. The hardest part is getting them to fall asleep at night without to much talking.

Once I had their beds in 1 room I then had the task of shorting and organizing their toys.

too many toys

Now the task of sorting the toys was quite the chore. Thankfully I had a friend that offered to watch my kids for a few hours so i could work on it. I love how looks now! I still have several things I want to get for the room but for now, it is my favorite room in the house!

action figuresA bin for the super heros!

play hatsA bin for the many hats they play with.

princess dress upAnd the required bin of princess clothes, purses and jewelery.

texturesThe texture basket has been a big hit with my kids. they like feeling the differences and throwing the balls against the wall.

baby care basketA baby care basket. This has a bottle, burp clothe, diaper, clothes, towel, wash clothe, pacifier, and blanket.

blue book shelfbrown shelves





 I love how the shelves look! The trick is to keeping them organized.



cornerkitchen2Every kid needs a kitchen!

The journey so far to making this room has taught me so much. I am still learning and the room isn’t finished yet. Check back later for what else happens in our school/play room.



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