A is for Apple Muffins

I have been digging my heels in when it comes to fall. It seems that summer just got here to Montana. I am not ready for things to cool off. I love summer! This past weekend we made a trip to the farmers market and we got a bunch of apples. As we were working on school yesterday the firefighter asked if we could make some apple muffins. As the smell of cinnamon and apples filled my house I realized that fall isn’t so bad. I just needed the smells to remind me that it is a good season.

muffins 7

Now, I love baking! I am aware that not everyone finds it enjoyable but baking is almost like therapy for me. It has become even more fun since my kids have become old enough to bake alongside me. They have so much fun using the baking tools, eating flour(ick), mixing things, learning how to cut with a knife, and crack eggs.

I can’t take credit for the entire muffin recipe. I used a general muffin recipe in my Better Homes and Garden Cook Book. Once I get the general measurements for the muffins then I add things to make them special. The ones we made in this post are Apple Cinnamon. It was perfect for our ‘A is for…’ week in school.  Here is the basic recipe and steps.

muffins 8There are several parts of this that I have changed for my family. Most of the time I leave the sugar out completely or substitute with honey. Any kind of milk works too and I use coconut oil instead of vegetable or canola.

I cut up the apples and preheated the oven, just to streamline our process a bit because I wanted to eat before midnight…

The princess was the first up. She got to mix our dry ingredients.

muffins 1The firefighter was so excited because he got to crack the egg. This was the first time that I let him attempt this. I showed him how to tap it on the counter to get the crack going and then use his thumbs to break the 2 sections apart. It took a couple tries and we had to go fishing for some shell but he accomplished it!

muffins 2Then he got to stir all of the ingredients together. He struggled with understanding why he could leave it lumpy. In all honesty I have no idea why you are supposed to leave it lumpy so I let him mix it until he thought is was the correct consistency.

muffins 3Then came the filling the muffin tins. They both got a go at this.

Muffins 4The princess has a harder time with this step because her hands are smaller and she hasn’t gained the 2 hand coordination quite yet.muffins 5As we waited for the muffins to bake the princess decided that she needed a snack after all that cooking and started to eat the left over apple pieces.

muffins 6We had so much fun making this recipe together! I am slowly learning that cooking with my kids takes extra time but the reward is worth it. Letting them cook and bake with me actually helps them to eat better and more of a variety. In all honesty I am blessed in that area because both of my kids are great eaters. Very rarely do I have to force them to try food. Most of the time I have to force them to stop eating.

I know that many times we as moms don’t want to include our kids because it takes more time and normally there is a bigger mess. I am not saying you need to do this every day but what if you let them help you bake/cook something once a week? My challenge for you, is to let go of a little bit of control and let them learn where their food comes from and how to fix it.


















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