Kid approved home made Apple Sauce.

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is standing on a chair at the counter in my grandmas kitchen watching the apples bubble on the stove. I remember the sweet smell that would fill the house. There is something comforting about that smell. So, when we got a bunch of apples at the farmers market last weekend I decided that I wanted to introduce my kids to that smell. I wanted them to have the experience of making apple sauce and knowing what it is supposed to taste like, not the store-bought taste.

apples 1

The recipe that I used is EXTREMELY simple! It requires apples, and water to boil them in. With it being this simple it allows for flavoring to be added if you like. My kids were really excited to make this and my goal was to let them do as much of the work as possible. I do want to warn you that having your kids help is not the fastest way to accomplish this. If you are in a time crunch I would suggest moving this activity to a time when it doesn’t matter what size mess is made or how long it takes to finish it.

The first thing we did was wash the apples. I am aware that they are organic apples but you could tell the were because of the dirt on them.

apples 2I honestly think my kids like this step the best because they got to play in a sink full of water.

apples 3Next came the chopping. I decided that I would peel the apples and then they could cut the cores out and chop them into smaller pieces. The firefighter really had fun cutting the seeds out and counting them.

apples 4The princess found it hard to cut out the seeds so I cored her apples but she was still able to chop them into smaller pieces.

apples 5Now, I know many parents are worried about letting their kids use knives. I completely understand. Please know that I am not suggesting you hand your kids a kitchen knife and walk away. I do suggest starting with a butter knife and a banana, avocado or something like that. It will get them used to using the correct knife skills before they can graduate to a sharp knife.

After chopping the apples we put them on the stove to simmer. The kids took a snack break while we waited for the apples to cook and fill the house with that amazing smell.

apples 7After the apples were cooled for a bit it was time to drain them of water and put them in the blender.

apples 8After they were in the blender we whizzed them up! Now I am sure that a food processor or something like that would work just as well but at the moment my blender was what we had on hand.

apples 9After the apples were blended it was time to transfer them to the containers. We honestly didn’t have that many apples so we only filled a couple of containers but I am judging from the silence at breakfast this morning I would say they enjoyed the products of their hard work.

Many don’t understand why I include my kids in cooking a baking. In all actuality I find it fun and it cuts down on the fights over food and what they want to eat. I am pretty certain that the fact that they are in the kitchen with me contributes to the diminished food fights over the food that enters their mouths. I am not saying this if for everyone but I do encourage you to start small and see how things go.



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  1. I may try this with my kids. I usually steer clear of baking with apples because I am allergic, but this sounds like it can be done without taste testing. 😉 It sounds pretty simple. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love home made applesauce, especially as we make our sugar-free. I have a large metal colander specifically for making apple sauce! YUMM. With a bit of nutmeg sprinkled on top. Makes me think of my grandmother, too!


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