Corny ABC Sensory Bin

Sensory bins seem to be all the rage lately. You see them all over pinterest and hear moms talking about them at the park. I have seen really impressive and elaborate ones and then there are simple ones like the one I made for my kids last night. It is a simple one with ABC’s to fit the lessons we have coming up this week in school.


My kids love it when I make a sensory bin for them. I have made it my goal to be as creative as I can while being cheap. We are on a $1 store budget so nothing ever costs that much. The thing is, you can get a lot from the $1 store that works just as well as something you get at a craft store. For this bin I spent a grand total of $1 because I had everything in my house but the magnets.

When I decided on a filler for this bin I didn’t even think about it being easy to find this time of year but it is! It should be easy to find dried corn right now because of it being fall. I used it because I had it in my house and I wanted to eat the rice I had. Any kind of filler would work. You could use rice, popping corn, coffee beans, pinto beans or any kind of dried bean would work.

sensory 1The idea that I had for this bin I am sure has been done before. I wanted to do something special while learning the ABC’s. I have been noticing that if my son has something with texture or a fidget toy he comprehends what we talk about better and is more willing to stay focused on the task.

For the magnet board I used a cookie sheet with some computer paper taped to it. I traced the letters on to the paper and then colored them various colors.

sensory 2When I finished putting it all together I set it up in our school/playroom.

Sensory 3When the firefighter saw the table the next morning he went right to work.

sensory 5He said that the corn felt cool on his hands and helped him feel good. He has said several times that he feels like his brain won’t stop moving, which in turn makes his body want to move constantly. I was so happy to hear that running his hands through the corn made him feel calm!

sensory 6I made this bin predominantly for the firefighter but the princess even enjoyed it a little. She has always liked puzzles so this, to her, was just a different kind of puzzle.

sensory 4I will put a warning on this. The tendency for my kids was to want to use the corn in their play kitchen. This was not something that I could just leave out for them to play with. I had to be in the room with them and when they were done I had to put it away. Not all kids are this way, but many are. The nice thing about it being dried corn is that it is really easy to clean up if a mess is made.

My favorite thing about sensory bins  would be the endless amount of creativity that you can put into them. You can make them simple, FREE, extravagant, edible, or smelly(in a good or bad way). I challenge you to look past the complicated set ups and see what you can find in your home that would work.






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  1. I love simple setup play that is also frugal. I love my dollar store and spend so much time there that I think it might be my second home. But I get some great activities there. Pinning and sharing!


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