C is for Construction Site Sensory Bin

While I was planning our study of the letter C, for school, I started to think about what I could do for sensory bin. I came up with with Construction site bin. Now, I am sure if you search pinterest for sensory bins you can find some for construction sites but this is the one I came up with that cost me nothing. I already had everything I needed here in my house!

c is for 1

Now as I have stated with my other sensory bin posts, my goal is to make them as creative and cheap as I can. This construction site bin is a great example of this. I spent absolutely nothing on it. I used things I already had in my house. I used the same bin as I did in my Corny ABC bin. I filled it with corn meal and used some small mighty machines and construction action figures the firefighter got for his birthday.

c is for 7Then I added some rocks from the landscaping around our house. SHHHH! Don’t tell my land lord! I promise to put them back when I am finished with this bin.

c is for 2The firefighter was so excited when he saw this set up this morning. He is into all things trucks and construction.

c is for 3One of his favorite things to do is fill up the dump truck and make big ‘walls’ of cornmeal.

c is for 4The princess has also been having fun with this bin. Who says girls can’t enjoy big trucks and dirt?

c is for 5This bin does come with a caution attached! It makes a mess. A big mess!

c is for 6I find that the mess is worth it. It is very easy to clean up. A vacuum or a broom covers it!


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