Vegetables that begin with C garden Sensory Bin

Well, it seems that I am on a roll of doing a new sensory bin every week! This week it will seem odd at first but I promise to have a point to it! My goal again with this bin was to make it as cheap as I possibly could. I had to buy the filler for this but I found it at the $1 store.

garden 6

My number one goal with these bins is to help my kids learn while having fun. I am loving that I was able to make this bin for next to nothing, or absolutely nothing. This bin wasn’t free for me but only cost me a $1.

garden 2For the filling of this bin I got this bag of shredded paper. My goal was for it to look like dirt because of it being a garden. Now, I used paper but you could use black beans, pinto beans, coffee beans, died rice/salt or any number of things that you can think of.

garden 1I used a basket that I already had in the house and for the vegetables I raided the kids play kitchen.

garden 3As I was looking at the garden I realized that every garden needs a shovel and a rake.  So, I had to do some searching. Summer has been over here for a month so I had to go looking for our packed summer toys. Once I found that I used the shovel and rake from their beach toys.

garden 4Now, I do most of these things so my kids will have fun. I have noticed that the firefighter does so much better learning and comprehending when it is hands on and there is some type of sensory aspect.  Another goal that I have is to get them interested in learning. I am finding that by incorporating books about the subject. I found these books at our local library. Using a library is an amazing FREE way to get new books. You can get them as often or as infrequently as you want. My kids love to go to the library and find new books. I chose books that had subjects that start with the letter C, chickens, cows, rabbits(eating carrots) and corn.

Part of the learning for this bin was doing some research. I wanted my kids to use their brains and imaginations. So, we sat down with the computer and did some research. We googled the vegetables that they came up with, looked at the words spelled out and they chose the ones that started with C.

garden 7Once we found the vegetables that start with the letter C we printed them out.

garden 8

Then they ‘planted’ their vegetables in their garden.

garden 10

What are some other vegetables that we could have found that begin with C?





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  1. I love that you are involving them in creating the sensory bin and integrating technology in a subtle way.


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