Kids being Thankful Day 1-3

For the past several years I have done the 30 days of Thankfulness. It has been a good challenge and if I am honest, it does challenge me most days. I think we can all kind of get in a rut and forget how much we have to be thankful for. This year I decided to get my kids involved. I figure, you can never start to young with being thankful.

kids being thankful 5

I had so much fun watching my kids simple approach to being thankful. They don’t think hard, they grab whatever is special to them and say they are thankful.  I learned many lessons the past 3 days watching my kids. It isn’t about how expensive, how much you have or how rare it is. Being thankful is just looking at what you have and being happy.


The princess is thankful for all the catalogs that mommy has coming to the house. Many hours have been spent oooooing and ahhhhing over the toys.

kids being thankful 2Sunday:

On Sunday the princess was so concerned because when I took the picture she was actually thankful for 2 things in the picture. Once I assured her that you can be thankful for many things she calmed down and gave me this gleeful smile. She is thankful for her sparkly cowgirl boots because they are pink and for her Elsa shirt because she is her favorite princess.

kids being thankful 1Monday:

The firefighter decided that he was thankful for his blocks. He has so much fun building things. These blocks have been made into many castles, space ships and of course fire stations.

kids being thankful 3I am praying, that as I go on this thankful journey with my kids, my thanksgiving comes more easily.


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