Kids being Thankful Day’s 21-30

As we come to a close in this Thankfulness series I am amazed by my kids. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I started this practice with my kids. I have been pleasantly surprised and humbled by how my kids view being thankful. kids being thankful 5

So many times as an adult I make being thankful complicated. I seem to have some inner voice that convinces me that being thankful for something as simple as my coffee maker isn’t good enough. So here are the last few simple things that my kids are thankful for.

I am a very blessed momma. I have somehow raised a child that is thankful for sugar snap peas and humus as a snack. The princess, for some fortunate turn of fate begs for me to get this combination at our local Costco as often as I go.

thankfulThe firefighter however, is thankful for more traditional things, like his John Deere fleece blanket. I made this blanket for him a couple of years ago and he sleeps with it every night. It is the type of blanket that I have to wash during the day because he can’t sleep without it at night.

thankful 5The princess may be my sugar snap pea eating child but she is also thankful for her toys. Her My Little Pony collection to be exact. She doesn’t have them all, which she is sure to remind us of every chance that she gets.

thankful 4My husband asked if he could be part of this thankful post. It has been a tough year for his crew. He works as a paramedic so we expect the bad calls but this year seemed to hold more than normal. He is thankful to be able to come home and snuggle with his kids. There is something about holding a sticky, wiggly warm 3 yr old that just changes your day for the better.

thankful 1The firefighter comes by his name naturally as well as his love for everything emergency serves’ related.  He has a grand collection of ambulances, firetrucks and rescue helicopters.

thankful 6He is very thankful for his helicopters and rescue vehicles.

thankful 7To wrap up this series I am going to claim the last thankful post. I am thankful for snow. I love how clean it makes the world look. I love how when it is snowing it is so quiet. A type of quiet that only comes when the snow is falling. One of my other favorite aspects of snow is the joy my kids have playing in it. They get so excited when we get snow, which is a good think considering we live in Montana. The firefighter had hours of fun shoveling the snow this last week. He was completely happy and entertained for hours.

Thankful 2I hope that after reading what my kids are thankful for you are able to give yourself permission to be thankful for the simple things, like an electric blanket.




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