Kids being Thankful Day’s 4-9

We are continuing with our Kids being Thankful posts that I started last week. If you miss that post you can check it out here. I decided this year that instead of doing the 30 days of Thankfulness myself I would turn the tables and have my kids do it. The simpleness of the things they are thankful for have really opened my eye’s to the world and what I really do have to be thankful for, 2 kids that don’t care about money or things but that they are safe and happy.

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Kids being Thankful Day 1-3

For the past several years I have done the 30 days of Thankfulness. It has been a good challenge and if I am honest, it does challenge me most days. I think we can all kind of get in a rut and forget how much we have to be thankful for. This year I decided to get my kids involved. I figure, you can never start to young with being thankful.

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C is for Construction Site Sensory Bin

While I was planning our study of the letter C, for school, I started to think about what I could do for sensory bin. I came up with with Construction site bin. Now, I am sure if you search pinterest for sensory bins you can find some for construction sites but this is the one I came up with that cost me nothing. I already had everything I needed here in my house!

c is for 1

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