How to build a Haystack/Taco Salad

As a mom of two kids one of the struggles that I have is getting them to eat a balanced diet. One of my favorite meals growing up was haystacks. I am sure most of the universe knows them as taco salads but for this I am going to keep with what I know and call them haystacks. I am finding that many times, if my kids don’t want to eat what I fix it is because they feel like they don’t have any control. Having haystacks for a meal gives them a ton of choices and the ability to make the meal they want too!


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I saw a grey hair, My daughter saw something else.

I seem to have hit a slump in life. I can’t seem to find reasons to be happy or upbeat. I hate how I look and can’t find any clothes that fit me. Most days, I don’t want to get out of bed. I seem to just melt into the background of the world, and for now I am ok with that. Yet, I’m not.

Body shaming seem’s to be at the forefront of most people’s conversations. Clothing brands are going after each other, mom’s are picking at each other on social media. I am a woman who struggles daily with body image. I have never had a good image of my body and since having kids it has gotten worse because I am heavier than I have ever been. I don’t know how to dress my body. What I think looks cute doesn’t fit, what I want to look like seems unattainable.highlight reel 1Read More »

Setting up our homeschool without losing my Sanity.

When I started the journey of becoming a home school mom I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no idea the amount of information I would find and the amount of resources. It was and is so overwhelming. I found it really easy to get overwhelmed and then give up until I realized that there is no one ‘right’ curriculum. The advantage that I have homeschooling is that I can tailor the curriculum to fit my child’s learning styles.

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Living with Depression

It has been the kind of week where, you wake up on Sunday and just know that this week is going to be long, frustrating and exhausting. In all honesty I haven’t felt this way for a really long time. My depression hasn’t been as bad. It seems to get better during the summer. You would think with all the vitamin d, fresh air, and exercise that I am getting depression wouldn’t even be an option. That’s the thing, you can’t choose when depression shows up. you can be perfectly fine one day and the next you are at the bottom of that deep dark hole and can’t find your way out. It isn’t always an event or something someone says, it just happens. I know that is a frustrating answer but unless you have dealt with or are dealing with depression there is just no other way to describe it.



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Dear Mom who is Ready to Quit


Dear Mom who is ready to quit,

I have been there. In fact I was there today. I was ready to throw up my hands and exclaim,

I quit! You win. I am to tired to fight anymore.

I have been there when the day doesn’t go as planned. You even gave up a precious hour of sleep so you could sneak some quiet time alone before the chaos of your day starts. Even with the head start you still can’t seem to get ahead.

Your house is a disaster, there is a never-ending pile of laundry, that when you finally reach the bottom of, it regenerates and you are back to the beginning. Then there are the dishes, pretty much the same story as the laundry.

My dishes seem to multiply even though I don’t buy anymore.

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