Favorite time of year

I actually have several favorite times of year.  Each hold their own special part of my heart.  I think, though, that spring in Montana is my all time favorite.  You can freezing temperatures and snow part of the week, check out these pictures of Glacier National Park and the other part is in the 80’s and not a cloud in the sky.  I complain about the cold and snow in May but when it turns to gorgeous electric blue sky with a slight breeze, birds chirping and my children’s squeals as they run through the sprinkler or find a worm, then I realize that spring is my favorite.073Spring holds so many possibilities! In our house it starts with at least one birthday a month if not 2.  This of course brings lots of celebrations!  Some of the celebrations are for the birthdays but I think, if my children were honest with us they would be celebrating more about the weather and the fact they can ride their bikes or use an actual house for the fire fighting play.  The playing with the actual hose also brings on the multiple wardrobe changes for my princess.  It seems that she needs a swim suit for the morning, one for eating lunch in and napping and then one for after naps.  Don’t forget the actual clothes that I need to have on hand for when she decides that one of her 5 swim suits just doesn’t work.

Along with these celebrations comes my favorite kind of drink… Iced Coffee!  I know that I can have iced coffee at any time during the year but you just can’t beat an iced coffee drink of your choosing while watching your kids swing at the play ground.066Yesterday was a day filled with hose play, sprinkler fun, sandals, cold water, sun screen, bare feet and sun! I found out that my kids would rather play with the garden hose then the sprinkler.  Also, did you know that washing rocks can entertain a child for upwards of an hour?  If I had known these things I would never have bought a sprinkler.  I would have stuck to the dollar store buckets and a couple of kitchen scrub brushes015 (4).012 (4)

Ok, with all of that, what I think I am trying to say is, spring is my all around favorite season because we can do things out side.  Like right now, I am writing this post while watching my fire fighter fill a bucket up with the garden hose.  Oh, I also love the simple joy that comes from a dandelion being gifted with joy!







7 thoughts on “Favorite time of year

  1. I LOVE my coffee..especially iced coffee. But I just got a Keurig not too long ago and haven’t tried their iced coffee kcups yet..I’m hoping they’re good!


  2. Sweet! I felt like I had jumped right in the water with all of you! There is something wonderful about water, kids, and warm spring days. 🙂 Montana sounds gorgeous! I want to live there one day…


  3. We all loved running through the sprinkler when we were kids and our boys would love to run through the sprinkler now. It’s just a pity water costs so much here.


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