An Outdoor Adventure with my kids!

AdventureIf you are a parent you can appreciate the fear that I had when my kids asked if we could go on an adventure. Most of the time ‘going on an adventure’ means a lot of whining, crying and general sibling squabbles. They most of the time can’t agree on what will happen on said adventure. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised. They both have been missing their daddy and just really wanted a distraction. So, we loaded up the car and started off!

wpid-20140804_105332I made sure to pack us ice water(it was hot for Montana), the kids snacks, a cup of coffee for myself and a picnic lunch. As we settled into the car we started talking about where we should go. Now, since we moved a year ago, the kids and I haven’t explored much. Last summer it was settling into our house and me learning my way around the new town. So, this summer has been about finding our favorite spots. As of yet, we haven’t been able to find ‘our spot’. So, we ALL agreed that it was time to find one.

Now, we have a list of criteria for ‘our spot’.

  • Have rocks that can be thrown in the water
  • Be semi hidden so it isn’t popular spot
  • Have a spot for a picnic
  • Be able to wade and swim.
  • Have big rocks/boulders to climb on

Well, we headed down the road. As I drove the kids and I talked about where we should go. What we were seeing out the car windows and what daddy might be doing ‘right this second’. Then we finally crested a hill and they saw the lake. That was when the real excitement hit and the fear in my heart grew. It is really hard to concentrate on driving safely on mountain roads with your kids screaming, ‘mommy look!’ at every turn.

We found a spot! It is down a big embankment, that you slide down, to get to the beach. The beach is made up of rocks, perfect for throwing. It is really hidden, even the path to get down to the beach is hidden. The kids had so much fun! We found a bunch of dragon flies, threw rocks, found the ‘perfect’ walking stick, waded in the water and watched the boats out on the lake fishing. When we finally climbed our way back up to the car the kids had fun climbing on the big rocks while I had fun taking pictures of them!

Jordan1    ayden1






After we were done finding our spot we headed on down the road. The plan was to find a perfect picnic spot and eat our lunch and maybe swim a little. Well, thanks to an unplanned rain storm and construction we never found one. So the kids enjoyed their sandwiches in the car while we sat in the line of cars waiting to get through the construction. While they were eating we talked about something else we could do while on our adventure.

The firefighter wanted to go hiking really bad. Now, to understand this you have to know that he spent the first 4 yrs of his life ‘hiking’ in Glacier National Park. He has greatly missed those days because we have yet to find a good hiking spot here that everyone can enjoy. We have to consider that I am out of shape, and that the princess has shorter legs. Finding a trail that fits all of us is difficult but we found one!

shoesThis trail had everything. It was gentle enough of an incline that the princess and I could handle it and it was a hike which meant that the firefighter could burn off some energy. It wasn’t a fast hike but it was a hike. It was so nice to get out and exercise. The view was amazing!



Our adventure may seem simple to most. In all honesty it was. Sometimes the most simple things my kids react to best. The point of the adventure was not to WOW my kids but to get us out of the house and doing things together. I have found that I am slipping back into depression while hubby is gone and it is affecting my kids. We are doing things together but most of them involve the TV or other electronics. Yesterday was about putting those aside and spending time being active.

Dr Seuss QuoteWhat kind of adventures do you go on with your kids?


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