Vegetables that begin with C garden Sensory Bin

Well, it seems that I am on a roll of doing a new sensory bin every week! This week it will seem odd at first but I promise to have a point to it! My goal again with this bin was to make it as cheap as I possibly could. I had to buy the filler for this but I found it at the $1 store.

garden 6

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C is for Construction Site Sensory Bin

While I was planning our study of the letter C, for school, I started to think about what I could do for sensory bin. I came up with with Construction site bin. Now, I am sure if you search pinterest for sensory bins you can find some for construction sites but this is the one I came up with that cost me nothing. I already had everything I needed here in my house!

c is for 1

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B is for Build-a-bear Construction Paper Style

Today we started learning about the letter B. Now, when I think about words that start with B I automatically think of bears. Bears are cute, fuzzy, dangerous, can be a comfort in the form of a teddy bear or kind of scary if met in the wild. However you view bears we have all heard of the build-a-bear workshops that are in many malls. I remember as a kid wishing that I could go and get a bear from there. Well, when we came to this I decided that my kids would get to build a bear but it would be my way, and that is how I came up with build-a-bear construction paper style.

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Kid approved home made Apple Sauce.

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is standing on a chair at the counter in my grandmas kitchen watching the apples bubble on the stove. I remember the sweet smell that would fill the house. There is something comforting about that smell. So, when we got a bunch of apples at the farmers market last weekend I decided that I wanted to introduce my kids to that smell. I wanted them to have the experience of making apple sauce and knowing what it is supposed to taste like, not the store-bought taste.

apples 1

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